Firm Leadership

Jason B. Culp, CFP®, CEBS, FLMI

Founder & CEO

Private Wealth Advisor

A Little About Our Founder

It's no big secret that financial planning is the cornerstone of my life. It has helped me to achieve monetary goals and remove financial obstacles that burden many people in our diverse society. I've also experienced many financial hurdles in my life and each hurdle taught me something very worthwhile.

“Financial resources contribute to our ability as humans to make better choices. The people who have more choices have a higher chance of living the life he or she wants. Choices shape our lives.”

My father is the most influential businessman in my life. As an owner of his own lawn care company for over 32 years he'd take the discarded plant life that customers threw out on the street and replant them on his land. Through his nurturing process he would bring those plants back to life and use them for future landscape projects while providing customer service at minimal cost. Reallocation of existing resources is the same approach we apply to your financial situation.

My goal is to help people to recognize and realign the financial resources they already have to positively improve their present and future financial situations. I am proud of the fact that my clients enjoy fruitful financial lives which helps them to consistently evolve to higher heights.

In 2009, at age 29, I made a decision that has had a profound impact on my life. I started Pragmatic Financial Strategies right after the economy crashed. The next few years were challenging but that situation forced me to become a manager of my own finances.

During the next couple of years, I spent nights and weekends developing myself and increasing resources for the firm while working days for several financial institutions. You can imagine how hard it is to grow your business when financing is scarce.

Through it all, our firm weathered the storm and now I spend my days advising clients on financial planning strategies for a bright future. I also educate and counsel professionals, military members, and speak to employees of small to mid size businesses about maximizing their employee benefits for success.

"Are You Planning? If not.. You Should Be"