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Our Fees

Clients who qualify through our initial discovery process are given up to date information about how fees are being determined in the industry. This information is the discussion piece we use to let them make a moral and informed pricing deal with us. This cuts out conflicts of interest so that both parties can perform at their best. Pricing quotes are provided within 24hours of the discovery meeting.

"Having the ability to negotiate fees is a game changer in today's environment. We are proud to be a leader in reshaping the wealth management industry"

As a Fee only firm our clients have the option to construct their own fee for service billing.

– SAY WHAT! No we are not crazy.

Financial Planning Fees are charged on retainer or hourly basis depending on the level of work for your project.
Portfolio Management Fees are less than 80% of the average fee charged in the investment management market.
Tax Planning/Preparation Fees are charged on a per form basis with a minimum hourly charge of $125.
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