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What Distinguishes Pragmatic Financial Strategies from Other Registered Investment Advisors?

Pragmatic Financial Strategies offers a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and application in real life situations. As a fee-only advisor, we receive no commissions or outside compensation for our advice.  This eliminates conflicts of interest. We also pride ourselves in being able to create financial planning strategies and investment portfolios that reflect the perspectives and needs of our client’s goals.

Pragmatic Financial Strategies uses a “Reallocation of Resources” approach to our client’s situations.  We identify shortfalls and use a disciplined approach to identify areas in your financial picture that stand to benefit from our strategies. We believe this enables us to seize opportunities and avoid risks better than many of our peers.

What is Your Investment Minimum?

We provide the most benefit to clients with at least $100,000 to invest. However, there is no investment minimum for our portfolio consulting service.

What Do You Charge?

Pragmatic Financial Planning Fees are charged on retainer or hourly basis depending on the level of work for your project. Portfolio Management Fees are less than 80% of the average fee charged in the investment management market. Tax Planning/Preparation Fees are charged on a per form basis with a minimum hourly charge of $125.00. Part or all of the fees described may be waived or be applied toward investment management fees for those who become investment management clients on a retainer basis.

Who is Your Custodian?

Client assets are held with Pershing, LLC a subsidiary of BNY Mellon. Clients maintain full access to their accounts at all times. Clients also receive monthly statements and performance reporting, in addition to innovative technologies for advisor communication.

Should I Work with a Larger Firm?

As an Independent advisory firm, we at Pragmatic Financial Strategies believe we provide better service for a number of reasons. We have a low client/advisor ratio, which translates into high levels of personal attention for our clients. We are also small enough that clients have direct access to their investment manager, and flexible enough to tailor our recommendations to meet each client's unique needs.

Also, thanks to our ongoing investment in state-of-the-art technology and investment research, we believe we have the resources to go head to head with firms of any size.

How Do I Transfer Assets to Pragmatic Financial Strategies from Another Institution/ Advisor?

All you’ll need to do is provide us with a copy of a current statement from that Institution/Advisor. We'll take care of setting up a new account and transferring your assets.

Out Pacing the Competition

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